Outdoor Furniture Trends

June 4, 2019 2:45 pm

With the weather warming up, you will likely be spending more time entertaining and relaxing on your outdoor patio. This season, bringing indoor furniture styles outdoors and mixing materials are all the rage. Here are some outdoor furniture styles that will keep your patio looking trendy this summer:

Indoor to outdoor – Each year, outdoor furniture is made to look more and more like indoor furniture. Plush sofas upholstered with weather-resistant fabric are popular this season. These indoor-mimicking pieces add a far more luxurious look to your outdoor patio and can be accented with throws and pillows. To view some beautiful, indoor-inspired furniture options, click here.

Bold colors – Mixing neutral materials with bold pops of color is becoming increasingly popular. To create interest, try combining textures such as webbing on chairs or rattan pieces. Click here to view bright patio furniture ideas.

Modular furniture – Patio sets that fold or stack into multiple shapes and configurations are becoming extremely common. This type of furniture allows homeowners to create an outdoor oasis that works for the shape and style of their patio. View modular patio furniture by clicking here.

Mixed materials – Many outdoor patios are beginning to feature mixed materials to help with the transition from indoor to outdoor. One popular material combination is wood and resin; another is wood and metal. Go here to learn how to mix outdoor furniture styles and materials.

Comfort – Low slung furniture and bed swings are the epitome of outdoor living space comfort. Need a space to hang a bed swing? Build a DIY pergola for your back patio. Click here to learn how.

To view some great patio furniture sets, click here.

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